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Friday, May 30, 2008

Wand is Happy

“My greatest joy was without a doubt to be able to bring happiness to those of you who never gave up on believing in me. My true friends, now we have been redeemed. I spent the day reading and re-reading the messages from you on the internet. You have no idea how happy I am. I am certain any fighter would love to have fans like you. I went through three hard months, training for this fight, and it wasn’t just once or twice that the messages from you uplifted me and stimulated me to keep on training intensely. This fight was decisive. I was under a lot of pressure. I had to win by all means. But at these tough times I could see you guys were with me. To have the affection of you guys on my side is an honor, it is priceless. I was very moved and felt like crying after the win. Thank God I cry from happiness. At that moment I thought of all of you excited by this so long-awaited moment!! Now you can also talk to me on myspace ( Here I’ll be able to get to know you better. I haven’t the words to thank you enough for the strength you have given me. Let’s beat our chests and celebrate with much joy, because this victory is ours!! Thank you so much.”

Mmafever is here for you buddy, we knew you could do it!!!


  1. Who ever doubted The Wand? I had him winning by KO...Rampage better start praying.

  2. Wandi; how can you not love that guy! And Tim is Greg lost in Mexico again? WTF?

  3. Greg is a ninja that graces us with his badass writing skills at no notice. Last I heard he's on MMA study in the deep African bush. Be prepared!
    In further news, I plan on getting trashed tomorrow evening, so expect some stupendous posts.

  4. Sounds fricking sweet Tim


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