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Monday, May 12, 2008

Fuck You, the Pride/Dream Announcer Chick is Hot!

Oh man, the best MMA announcer EVAH!

This chick who's name is Lenne Hardt makes my Johnson stand at attention every time she screams out the fighter's names and rolls her tongue... that's fuckin' sexy.

Lenne announces for Dream now since Pride FC went under last year to the UFC.

Fuck UFC's Bruce Buffer's "It's Time!" bullshit is tired... Lenne is the best there is and ever was.

Now if she would only roll her tongue and announce my favorite fighters on my Johnson... that would be very hot indeed.

You'd have to be a longtime MMA fan to appreciate this post cause Lenne, me love you long time!


  1. My chick gave me shit for this post... see what I do for everyone?

    Yeah, she's rough indeed but has the best MMA voice out there.

  2. A good voice is one thing. Hot is something else and her "hot" days are over.

    BTW, nobody believes you have a chick. HA HA HA HA!

  3. Hey Mr Clark (aka fuck face)

    You're 100% correct! Lenne is by far the best announcer, love the way she screams Cro Cop! Keep up the good work!

  4. worry about the fighters not the announcers you piece of shit. and get some balls you fucking homo, no one gives a fuck about your chick giving you shit you lame dick pussy get your nosey slut whore out of your internet put a pfc on and have your hillbilly cumdumpster suck your faggot redneck nub.


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