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Monday, May 12, 2008

Affliction Fight Card "Banned"

I have to go on record first by saying that I despise the Affliction clothing line and brand. I see every Guido and their mother wearing Affliction nowadays.

Not sure what a Guido is well, click on the picture to the left and know that Affliction is the new uniform for posing tools like that guy and every other cloned douchebag out there.

Affliction is cool if you're under 15 years old but after that, you're just a tool.

That's why you love me so much, because I take a side and stick to it unlike the MMA poser sites that are scared shitless of pissing anyone off, mostly the group of human casualties in the pic beside who frequent their sites daily.

Well, Affliction clothing has officially released details about their debut MMA event aptly titled, “Banned” on June 19. The event is named "Banned" as a tongue in cheek shot at the UFC and Dana White who banned Affliction from being worn by any fighter at UFC events (Thanks Randy Couture!).

The "Banned" event will air live on pay-per-view from the Honda Center in Anaheim, California which has in my humble yet eloquent opinion, a FUCKIN' AWESOME CARD!

• Fedor Emelianenko vs. Tim Sylvia
• Josh Barnett vs. Pedro Rizzo
• Renato Sobral vs. Mike Whitehead
• Matt Lindland vs. Fabio Negao
• Aleksander Emelianenko vs. Paul Buentello (yet to be signed)

Non-pay-per-view fights:
• Savant Young vs. Mark Hominick
• Justin Levens vs. Ray Lazama
• J.J. Ambrose vs. Patrick Speight
• Mike Pyle vs. Brett Cooper

Question: Will you buy this PPV card or keep your cock and your money in the UFC?


  1. Although I really enjoy your rants (and find them to be right on target most of the time), you did make a minor mistake in saying "...tongue in cheek shot at the UFC and Dana White who banned Affliction from being worn by any fighter at UFC events.."

    Its actually EliteXC that banned it. Thought you might like some correction. Acting all confident makes you look like the very people you slam: Guidos.

    Here is the link (off of another mma website that i'm sure you shit on, but at least they report correctly)

    Keep up the funny writing, the site blows when you don't.

  2. Read this cockwad anonymous.

    both have banned affliction.

  3. We don't speak of MMA Junkshit around here.

    You see, I caught Dan Stupp in a lie when he (as usual) prematurely posted that the Pride sale was done when at that time, it most certainly was not.

    I called him out for not being an honest journalist in a post on my site then told him to reword the post on his Junk site, which he did.

    Part of that deal was that I would delete my post about him and his Junk site, which I did.

    Then the prick bastard went and posted a comment in his own bullshit post by taking a shat at me as a "nameless writer".

    Fuck him and his Junk site filled to the nipples with Advertising.

    I cannot watch the end of Inside MMA anymore because they make mention of that FAT FUCK and his Junk site.

    I feel better now....

    Funny thing is that his readership pays very close attention to what I write about and that pisses the FAT FUCK off to no end which makes me very happy.

    I'd crush him in any sport except for couch surfing.

    P.S. I was at UFC 83 and i noticed the blank white shirt GSP was wearing under his Gui... No Affliction brand to be seen anywhere on him or anyone fighting that night.

    Besides, I got the news from the VP of Affliction so there! - LOL

  4. Oh.

    Glad we cleared that up.

    Now get back to writing. I have a job that requires very little of my time and I need some entertaining MMA writing to keep the day moving forward.


  5. I am definately whipping my cock out for this

  6. The UFC Banned MMA because it found out that Affliction was going to begin promoting it's own fights, the same reason the new EliteXC, which i think will hurt MMA more than it helps it, banned it.

  7. I've been waiting for Tim Sylvia to get his ass kicked by Fedor forever!

    And yes I'll remove my cock from the UFC and promptly place it in Affliction. I'll probably even wear that affliction shirt my wife bought me for fathers day last year.

  8. Typical hatorism crackin on the Affliction clothing line. I think it's penis envy because you probably are too cheap to buy the finer things in life for yourself so you feel compelled to rip on them. I'm 34 and an avid MMA fan, and I have about 20 of these since Chuck wore the first one.

    I'm a fan of skullwork mostly is the reason and flat out because the shirts are badass. Keep shoppin at Walmart if it makes ya happy.

    Stop sippin on the hatorade brah.
    BTW I'm Irish rom Chicago.

  9. I thought I would chime in with a huge question....WTF is Tim Open Mouth Lazy Piece of Shite doing on this card never mind fighting the one and only. We all have been waiting patiently for Fedor to surface and when he does, they feed him Tim Saliva the Drooling Goof. There has to be a thousand guys who not only deserve it more but who would also fight for it more. I just don't get it. It makes no frickin sense and I imagine Fedor takes it as much an insult as I do. I just hope Fedor doesn't go for the elementary arm bar and actually bloodies that waterhead in the other corner. All I can say is Affliction must have some DEEP pockets and if they keep lining up warriors like the ones on this card, they are going to get deeper. My $50 goes in for lint.

  10. What about Vlad "The Janitor" Matyushenko? He's fighting right. Nogeira? HE's a true fighter.


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