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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sean Salmon Shook

"There ain't no such thing as half-way crooks"

...and there ain't no such thing as half-way MMA fighters either!

Sean Salmon looked terrible in his UFC 71 fight against Alan Belcher. Terrible. Salmon's footwork was awful to the point of embarrassment as it appeared that he didn't know whether to commit to the stand-up or shoot Alan Belcher for the takedown.

Ultimately, Salmon helped Belcher cinch in a guillotine when Salmon attempted the body slam takedown. Rookie move that would result in 10/10 times with the same outcome against someone with submission skills. That's wrestlers for ya!

Seriously, Salmon needs to wake up, train in areas that do not involve wrestling as he is already an accomplished wrestler and learn the art of MMA to better prepare himself... check that... defend himself from the hundreds of ways that he could lose given his telegraphed and awkward fighting style.

Does Sean Salmon think he has a remote chance of breaking into the top ten of the Light Heavyweight division? If he does think that way it's not his fault... it's Rashad Evans fault for killing a few brain cells with the right high kick Salmon received as his initiation into the UFC ranks.

Could Salmon beat Rampage? Chuck? Shogun? Jardine? Rashad? Tito? Griffin? Dan Henderson? Wanderlei Silva? Michael Bisping? Stephan Bonner? Sokoudjou? Sobral, Lambert? And a whole other list of fighters that hunger for the top 10.

I think Ken Shamrock(ed) should come back and fight Salmon. My money would be on Shamrock because he at least has some skill aside from blocking punches with his face.

This is mixed martial arts not just wrestling.

Salmon, listen up and listen close... your 3-fight contract is almost up. do yourself a favor and drop weight to 185 where you'd have a better chance at winning a UFC fight and possibly cracking into the top 10 in the Middleweight ranks.

Dude, we like you... you seem like a genuine guy... it's just too bad that nobody has been honest with you up to this point.

Go to 185, you'll be faster and you'll also be a huge 185 because of your frame. It worked wonders for Rich Franklin who was also in the LHW division and dropped down to dominate the division... for a time.

Just a thought.

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