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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Attention: Houston Alexander... We Have a Problem

Well, I don't have a problem with Houston Alexander however, the uber MMA neophytes do and they continue to rip to shreds "the future" of the UFC stable of future champions.

Houston has been catching a lot of heat lately because of his brashness in and out of the octagon. According to MMA pundits, Houston Alexander wasn't supposed to tool Keith Jardine, "The Dean of Mean" the way that he did so 'handily'.

It was so refreshing to see a fighter rush up to his opponent without fear to begin the fight with a bang, then another, and another, another... relentlessly like the days of the young boxing phenom, 'Iron' Mike Tyson did before his incarceration.

Those same pundits chose to see a negative side to the fight by declaring that Houston used an illegal knee to a downed opponent that caused Greg Jackson's future UFC star to fall from grace so quickly only to see Jardine land violently on to the bloodied mat on his forehead with mouth guard knocked free lying restfully next to the flattened "Dean of Mean".

After reviewing the fight, the alleged illegal blow to a downed opponent was in fact a legal knee to the chest of Keith Jardine. Regardless, the referee Steve Mazzagatti did not signal the knee to Jardine as a violation therefore, Houston Alexander won the fight fairly within the unified rules that are sanctioned by the Nevada State Athetic Commission (NSAC) for the fight held in 'Lost Wages' - Vegas.

Not much is known about the the man who is aptly nicknamed ‘The Assassin’ (One who murders by surprise attack) however,'s Thomas Gerbasi put together a rather comprehensive interview with the 35 year old Nebraska Hip-Hop radio station DJ to get us caught up with the man who fights with passion and... for a great cause.

The UFC article on Houston Alexander was written prior to Houston's mauling of Jardine at UFC 71 this past Saturday and it covered in detail exactly how 'The Assissin' was going to be victorious.

Here are a few quotes in the article from Houston Alexander that won me over as a new fan of his and I am sure, when the MMA pundits get tired of licking their wounds, they too will be won over by his unrelenting passion inside and out of the octagon in "the future".

“I see a lot of passion being lost and it seems that there are so many fighters being brought in that it’s like they’re being assembly-lined,”

“I want to bring back the passion because I fight with a passion. I lay everything out on the line, and I want to see passion back in the sport.” - Houston Alexander.

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  1. It does look like an illegal knee. I might be unclear on the rules. Somebody correct me.


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