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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Mirko will return. Cro Cop will be back.

You wanted CroCop, and you now gots.

Many UFC fans don't know the power of CroCop and after his last lost I am not sure they respect him. For example one of our MMA Fever regULArS ILO has been calling Cro Cop, Cro-Flop. His argument is that Pride fighters cannot fight in the Octagon. He may have a point, however we should wait and see. One further point from our MMAfever maniac fan.

ILO - TAPOUT says:
"mirko is a killer i hope that he brings back his RUTHLESS style to the octagon though"

He will be back. Watch this FAWker kick.

Notice the difference from UFC and Pride, Pride they abosolutley beat the shit out of each other, almost anything goes. Its different in the UFC of course as they need to please the governing bodies sanctioning the fights so the UFC is restricted in what they can and cannot do. Too bad.

Mirko will return.


  1. Every fighter, no matter how dominant, loses fights (even Fedor WILL lose, it is just a matter of time). Mirko was KO'd by Kevin Randleman and he returned just like he will return after recouping from Gonzaga's head kick KO win. I have always liked watching Mirko fight and one ass kicking isn't going to change that.

  2. Ummmm, is you guys' blog dead?


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