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Thursday, May 31, 2007

UFC 71 Videos

What's up with Zuffa?

Have they seen the light finally that places like this are necessary to showcase the UFC in all its glory by exposing fans to the actual product - the fight videos?

Anyway, my fellow cohort in crime at work, Tim S. asked me why I took the videos down yesterday. I wasn't surprised that they were down ('cause Zuffa does its rounds and forces sites that host them to take them down) until I checked and they were all up there with the exception of one fight.

Then it dawned on me... I set this blog up to show 7 posts on the main page before you had to dig into the archives of the month and... I also made it difficult to find because I didn't title the post with 'Video' in it and... Also, i've been posting quite a bit lately which pushed the videos into the archive... Sorry folks.

To Tim and the rest of the Fever fans, if you haven't seen the UFC 71 videos yet, CLICK HERE!

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