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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

UFC 71 Payouts

Hello there kids... if you want to get paid, quit school and become an MMA fighter.

This is the best advice that I could ever give you. School is overrated anyway and you can't make money there. Instead, learn one disciplie of mixed martial arts... oh.... wrestling for instance, get knocked the fuck out and (hopefully) walk away with some real bank like the three grand Salmon and Stevens got.

Of course, the real cheddar comes in the form of the pay-per-view net percentage that is not ever disclosed and not offered to any undercard fighter much less, the bottom half of the fighters in the televised fights. This winfall belongs to the Main Event fighters who roll in Ferrarri's and Hummer's instead of the poor losers who drive Ford Focus's and Hyundai's.


Title Match & Main Event Fighters

-Chuck Liddell: $500,000 (18th fight in UFC; lost to Quinton Jackson)

-Quinton Jackson: $225,000 (2nd fight in UFC after 17 fights in Pride; defeated Chuck Liddell)

Main Card Fighters

-Karo Parisyan: $32,000 (9th fight in UFC; defeated Josh Burkman)

-Ivan Salaverry: $17,500 (6th fight in UFC; lost to Terry Martin)

-Terry Martin: $12,000 (4th fight in UFC; defeated Ivan Salaverry)

-Kalib Starnes: $10,000 (3rd fight in UFC; defeated Chris Leben)

-Chris Leben: $10,000 (9th fight in UFC; lost to Kalib Starnes)

-Houston Alexander: $8,000 (1st fight in UFC; defeated Keith Jardine)

-Josh Burkman: $7,000 (6th fight in UFC; lost to Karo Parisyan)

-Keith Jardine: $7,000 (6th fight in UFC; lost to Houston Alexander)

Preliminary Match Fighters

-Din Thomas: $28,000 (7th fight in UFC; defeated Jeremy Stephens)

-Wilson Gouveia: $16,000 (4th fight in UFC; defeated Carmelo Marrero)

-Thiago Silva: $16,000 (1st fight in UFC; defeated James Irvin)

-Alan Belcher: $14,000 (4th fight in UFC; defeated Sean Salmon)

-James Irvin: $7,000 (5th fight in UFC; lost to Thiago Silva)

-Carmelo Marrero: $5,000 (3rd fight in UFC; lost to Wilson Gouveia)

-Sean Salmon: $3,000 (2nd fight in UFC; lost to Alan Belcher)

-Jeremy Stephens: $3,000 (1st fight in UFC; lost to Din Thomas)

Disclosed Fighter Payroll: $920,500

*** Be cool, quit school ***
(If you are a bona fide dumbass and take exception to my message about quitting school then please go back to school and learn something about sarcasm and reverse psychology)

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