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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mike Swick Quicker at 170 lbs

Look out Welterweights, Mike "Quick" Swick has confirmed that he has dropped down a weight class to Welterweight (170lbs) from the Middleweight class (185lbs) as noted by a recent interview conducted by

Swick is stepping into some deep waters with he likes of Matt Serra (Current Welterweight Champion), GSP (former Welterweight Champion), Matt Hughes (former, former, Welterweight Champion and 9 times defending Champ), Karo Parisyan, Diego Sanchez, Josh Koscheck, Jon Fitch and few other hungry up and coming fighters.

The way things are shaping up for 170 pounders, we could see the title passed around like a (censored due to the graphic nature of what I really want to write) at a UFC event after party.

Mike is picking Franklin over Okami at UFC 72 by decision... interesting!

Here's a cool thing about Mike that I didn't know, he has an online campaign in support of UNICEF which deserves some attention for a very worthwhile cause.

I like Mike, hope he does well at 170!

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