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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Rumors of UFC sale begin to surface - Five Ounces of Pain

Interesting read originally reported by Five Ounces of Pain

The rumors of a potential UFC sale were again running rampant this past weekend at UFC 81 in Las Vegas and Steve Cofield of Fox Sports Radio 1460 asked UFC president Dana White to comment on them during a post-show radio broadcast.

Cofield: “Looking ahead… Well, you tell us first, what’s going on this week? You said you’re going on the road. You’re working in Canada. Is it something to do with a (network) TV deal?”

White: “You know I can’t talk about it. I’m going on the road to get some stuff done. Hopefully I come back with the prize.”

Cofield: “I heard it from some of the most reputable guys in the business. We were hearing the crazy rumor the last three days that the UFC is on the sales block.”

White: “Yep, I heard that one too. I heard that one last year too… If that was the case and that was what I was doing this week it wouldn’t just be me flying out there. It would be me, Lorenzo, Frank; I mean there’d be an army flying out there if this thing was for sale. Listen, the way that I look at business… is your house for sale? … No you’re not selling your house but I bet you that I can buy it. No the UFC is not for sale. (I’m) 38-years old. I love this stuff. We have big plans and we’re working on a lot of things. ”

Cofield: “Have you gone into, say, a TV negotiation and they’re like, okay, ‘Let’s negotiate, negotiate,’ and then they’re like, ‘Okay, how about we buy you?’”
White: “Yeah. Yeah, that has happened.”

Cofield: “So maybe that’s where it came from?”
White: “Yep. There have been many offers made on the UFC. (But) they weren’t big enough. Like your house. Know what I mean? (But) your house isn’t for sale. I think everything in this planet is for sale. You could buy my shoes right now if you offer me the right money. But my shoes aren’t for sale.

“So… No, I’m not flying out of town next week to go sell this thing or anything like that. Hopefully when I come back in town next week I’m gonna at least be in the direction of announcing some big news.”

White’s denial is pretty clear. However, specific buyers have been linked to the rumors and one of the rumored buyers is Vince McMahon’s World Wrestling Entertainment.

The article is available here.


  1. Oh stomach just churned at the thought of that fucking idiot Vince McMahon kidnapping and raping the UFC for profit.

  2. This could be sweet just imagine. Tag Team MMA matches, Ladder MMA matches, and jumping from the top of the MMA ring.

  3. I really hope they are not that retarded. I don't think I could watch the UFC under WWE ownership. Fake fights? No thanks.

  4. You know things have begun to get a little more difficult to keep good fighters. Look at what happen with Randy Couture, Tito Ortiz, Kevin Randleman, Josh Haynes, Fedor. The list goes on and on. There have been complaints about mistreatment of fighters, contracts not fair. Why not get out while you are ahead. As for selling to the WWE, I believe it would be the downfall of the UFC.

  5. Undertaker vs. NOG, Ray Mysterio vs. BJ Penn, John Cena vs. Rampage Jackson. This is going to be great.

  6. First of all I don't think it would be a good thing if WWE takes over it might be ok but I doubt it.The best street fighter in the world Jamie Reagan I have no doubt that he is Jamie has fought several hundered fights and never lost including fought 15 fights in a row and won the all.I just wanted to tell everyone of the great street fighter Jamie Reagan who I wish could get his chance in MMA.The do not have mma training around this small town it would have been nice if they did I know Jamie would have went far by now.Jamie is 33 and 5"11 170 pounds and I know he can hang with anyone he might have it tough the first couple fights in mma I know it's different but once he got use to it it would be like he is on the streets and he would most certian be rated one of the best in the world.I just wanted to tell everyone of a great fighter and know there may be others great outthere noone knows about but this is one I just wanted to tell everyone about.And once again WWE taking over could be a bad move I don't want to watch fights that they have already picked the winner but maybe it wont go that way.


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