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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

M1 Global's Ultimate Fighter Series? - Fighting Fedor


  1. I can't see this pleasing anyone. The shittiest part of all of this is the fact that I have to root against Fedor now. M1 and all present and future leagues have to suffer the consequences of building an entire organization around one fighter. It's a fine line to tread and even though I hate the miserly bullshit of the UFC, at least they are generally on the better side of the total product vs. personality cult where promotion is concerned. It's a weird position because you know that fighters are exploited worse in the top-down & heavy handed UFC, and yet that's where the mma public goes to see the best fights. I don't necessarily think that one is caused by the other, and hopefully the defections and bad p.r. has given Dana and the UFC some pause when they consider that their commodities aren't cars or widgets.

  2. M-1 shows no respect for the UFC but feels comfortable ripping of their TUF concept? LAME.

    Also, where am I supposed to watch this shit? Closed circuit tv???

    Get all the fighters under one umbrella and knock it off with this bullshit already.

  3. Fuck M-1. This bullshit stunt just shows how insignificant they truly are on the world MMA stage.

    M-1 Global hasn't even held a fucking event yet, but they plan on whoring up T.V. with this?

    Fuck insignificant. M-1 is an outright scam.


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