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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

“EliteXC - Street Certified” Payouts

Kevin Ferguson ($175,000) def. David Abbott ($126,000)
Antonio Silva ($80,000) def. Ricco Rodriguez ($20,000)
Scott Smith ($12,000) def. Kyle Noke ($3,000)
Yves Edwards ($6,000) def. Edson Berto ($6,000)
Brett Rogers ($4,000) def. James Thompson ($25,000)
Rafael Feijao ($6,000) def. John Doyle ($2,5O0)
Yosmany Cabezas ($2,000) def. Jon Kirk ($2,500)
Dave Herman ($1,500) def. Mario Rinaldi ($2,000)
Eric Bradley ($1,000) def. Mikey Gomez ($1,500)
Lorenzo Borgomeo ($1,000) def. Mike Bernhard ($1,500)
Moyses Gabin ($1)* def. Jirka Hlavati ($500)


  1. Tank got a shit loada six packs and kimbo got some food, props.
    Moyses Gabin ($1)* def. Jirka Hlavati ($500) hope they live in a cardboard box.

  2. ??? WTF??? $1???? are you for real?

  3. I'm not surprised about Kimbo's pay because Gary Shaw is promoting him as EliteXC's marquee fighter.

    It's Tank Abbott's pay that has the markings of a "work" in favor of Kimbo that makes the whole fight suspect in my opinion.

    Maybe one day Dana White will scoop Kimbo up or even entertain the notion of a co-promotion fight that would involve Brock Lesnar against Kimbo.

    Brock/Kimbo would set PPV records.... Chuck and Tito who???


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