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Saturday, February 9, 2008

EliteXC's "Street Certified" Fight Card - February 16

The entire undercard is as follows:

1. Lorenzo Borgameo (2-0; Miami, FL) vs. Mike Bernhard (3-0; Miami, FL) - welterweight

2. Eric Bradley (2-1; Las Vegas) vs. Mikey Gomez (6-3; Orlando, FL) - welterweight

3. Mario Rinaldi (6-2; Miami, FL) vs. Dave Herman (9-0; Indiana) - heavyweight

4. Jon Kirk (10-2; Houston, TX) vs. Yosmany Cabezas (4-0; Tampa, FL) - middleweight

5. Rafael Feijao (4-1; Brazil) vs. John Doyle (6-2; Allenton, PA) - light heavyweight

The main card is scheduled to air on Showtime, starting at 10 p.m. ET. The scheduled bout order is the following:

6. James Thompson (14-7; England) vs. Brett Rogers (7-0; St. Paul, MN) - heavyweight

7. Yves Edwards (Conroe, TX; 32-13-1) vs. Edson Berto (13-4-1; Tampa, FL) - 160 lbs.

8. Scott Smith (14-4; Sacramento, CA) vs. Kyle Noke (13-4-1; Australia) - middleweight

9. Antonio Silva (9-1; Brazil) vs. Ricco Rodriguez (27-7; Staten Island, NY) - heavyweight

10. Kimbo Slice (1-0; Miami, FL) vs. Tank Abbott (9-13; Huntington Beach, CA) - heavyweight

1 comment:

  1. Jamie Reagan is who should be fighting in a major MMA event.Jamie has fought several hundered street fights and never lost and he is only 5"11 170 pounds and he has fought some huge guys even back when he was about 140 pounds and still was dropping everyone.There is no doubt Jamie is the best street fighter in the world and no he is not on the internet he is a bralwer who just fights anyone at anytime there is no camaras around to record.This is true about Jamie sure he might not be at his best the first couple of fights in MMA where we has never fought mma but I am sure he would soon be just like he was on the streets and then noone would beat him I just don't think anyone can hang with Jamie when he is at his best.Jamie is now 33 and he will be 34 in August and has fought his whole life and they have never had mma training around here and he said if they would have he knowed he would have been in it.He went to Flordia for a Kickboxing bout about 5-6 years ago he has a buddy that was doing pro kickboxing at the time so he took Jamie there and Jamie was just playing playstation like he wasn't even going to be fighting and his opponet backed out and would not fight him he could tell just like the rest of us I am sure Jamie is noone to mess with.I guess I could say also about the fight tonight I think there is a good chance for Kimbo to win and same for Tank it will be a toss up.Think about Jamie Reagan and e-mail me and thank you.


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