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Thursday, February 21, 2008

EliteXC - Street Certified $1 Payout Explained

I know this has been on all your minds so...

Regarding the $1payout Moyses Gabin received below.
Moyses Gabin ($1)* def. Jirka Hlavati ($500).

Proelite provided an explanation:
Moyses Gabin was paid just $1 for his win over Jirka Hlavati. Junkie followed up with the commission about the number and indicated that the commission confirmed it. ( contacted EliteXC officials for a comment and all indications are that Gabin's compensation was handled by an outside promoter.

"That fight was put together by a local promoter," EliteXC Head of Fighter Operations Jeremy Lappen stated in an e-mail. "Gabin is paid a salary by the promoter who sponsored that bout."


  1. How did you get your hands on that picture of me?

  2. The real story was that he was paid in whores instead of cash.

    He was given the opportunity to bang any chick after Kimbo was done with them.

    Gives new meaning to "throwing a hotdog down a hallway" don't it?

    Wow, an MMA fighter on salary? You learn something new every day in the MMA world.

  3. LMAO.

    I thought you still holed up with that cheap hooker in that cheap motel.

    Was she any good?

  4. She/he... it really doesn't matter when you're on the Evan Tanner training program.

    "It" had a beard like Kimbo south of the border if ya know what I mean.

    Nasty shit.


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