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Monday, April 14, 2008

YAMMA = viewers' eyes bleeding


  1. leading up to yamma i was afraid it would be awful, but i tried to keep an open mind. Well it was awful. Every bit of it evan ring announcer scott farrell blew and im a fan of his sirius radio show. unless they can pull some exciting fighters i wont be back to the pit.

  2. I can't listen to Scott Ferrall on the radio, in the ring or anywhere else for that matter! The guy sounds like he swallowed a frog for fuck's sake...shame on Stern for giving him a radio show and another reason to ignore Yamma from now on.

  3. Thanks for the update Tim!

    Yamma sux. The Yamma Pit takes away from the sport too.

    Yamma is Pure Shyte.

  4. Butterbean was so fat that when he fell over he couldn't even pull guard or turn around lmao.. wtf is he doing in MMA?

  5. No chance the Bean was getting up.

  6. Combined age of Smith vs. Butterbean: 84. I'm renaming Yamma "GFL - Geriatric Fight League." It's to be expected - as soon as there's a trendy new sport, there's as many pretenders as legit organizations, all created with the misguided notion that if one does some dollars, they all will... Bums! Thanks for keeping up a great website, boys.


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