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Thursday, April 3, 2008

MMA Pic of the Day - Butterbean

Yamma Pit Fighting will hold its inaugural even on April 11, 2008. This new *cough* MMA organization *cough* is born from the mind of Robert Meyrowitz who co-created "No Holds Barred" multi style fighting for what we all know and love to be the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

**** Don Frye is out of this event due to injury or massive drunkenness which could also attribute to his injury or even be equated as an injury by itself for Dear Don - Mark Kerr and the well known coke-head, Ricco Rodriguez have been added to the Fight Card for YAMMA Pit Fighting's Inaugural event ***

Here's what a drunken Don Frye can do...

I have two words which sum up YAMMA - Bye bye!


  1. I actually cant wait to see the Yamma, though I dont doubt that the first one I watch will probably be the last. I wont be buying it on PPV though I dont think, it will probably be watched at MMA fights, I just cant see it being worth the $45 or whatever it is they are hoping o charge for it.

  2. The max I would pay would be around 14.95. I am interested in the 8 man tourney, but this promotion will be very short lived. My prediction is two events and then being bought out by HDNet or folding.


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