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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

GSP vs. Serra 2


  1. Can't wait to see Jon Fitch get GSP on his back.

  2. Really though, what's Jon Fitch gonna do? Koscheck is a far and away a better wrestler than Fitch and he had GSP on his back for all of maybe 6 almost 7 seconds... GSP is by far the best wrestler in MMA excluding maybe some of the heavies, Couture is dirty with his Greco and Lesnar just a plain old powerhouse beast. I'm talking pound for pound wrestling skill of course (for those idiots who like to reply on technicalities and limitations of writing).

  3. Hah, funny. Thats exactly what I thought when I read his post. There isnt a damn thing Jon Fitch is gonna do to GSP.


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