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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Kimbo issues warning to Chuck Liddell


  1. What a thug! It would be nice to see him fight a legitimate opponent. I mean come on, the colossus, the guys a bum, and everybody knows it. Elite XC has better heavyweights than that, they're just scared of Kimbo getting beat and understandably so, seeing as he's probably the only reason they're not bankrupt right now, even if they are losing money hand over fist.


  2. Kimbo is overrated by many but also underrated by others. Only time will tell but I think he is going to be around for a while.

    The bigger story here is the potentially increased brand awareness for EliteXC after this CBS premiere next month.

    Should the UFC worry? Probably not...I doubt EliteXC got a decent deal with CBS.

    Lots of few answers.

  3. I say winner of Butterbean vs Kimbo gets Fedor for undisputed world champion.

  4. Who's he gonna call out next, the winner of BJ Penn and Sean Sherk!


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