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Friday, April 25, 2008

Michael Bisping vs. Chris Leben to save the day!

Bisping has stepped up to the plate again in the UK. UFC 85 looked to be in shambles with Chuck Liddell off the card due to a torn hamstring.

Update: On a side note, Matt Hughes (42-6) vs. Thiago Alves (14-3) has also been scheduled for UFC 85 :(


  1. Ummm...Bisping doesn't save shit. If anything, he makes me less likely to order that PPV. Who wants to see Bisping get another fixed decision victory?

  2. The fight card looked pretty good before chuck messed up his leg. There really isn't a main event anymore. Bisping Leben should be a fight at the beginning of the night on the main card. I don't mind the addition of it, but it doesn't do anything to replace the gap left by Chuck.

    In all honesty I think this injury spells the end of any significant comeback for Chuck. I think he'll only get one more good fight, if he is able to win that and stay healthy he may be able to scrounge a title fight, mainly because the title holder will promote it, welcoming the pay day and the once-solid-now-melting Iceman.

  3. Thank you Bisping, for helping me decide to NOT purchase UFC 85. (An event that I was NOT going to order in the first place!!)

  4. BTW Tim, were you stoned out of your tree when you came up with "Obi Bisping Kenobi" ??? Probably sounded amusing to you when you first started to type eh?

  5. I was drunk when I first made the jpg, now I am cursed to use it for every single obi bisping post.

  6. Looks like the Leben in in jail. Hopefully he gets clearance to go oversees. That fight card needs some help.

  7. Just posted my prediction on ramifications of the DUI, mma blaster :). Nobody here has faith in obi bisping as a draw.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I also think Bisping's decisions have been fixed. It was evident when he fought Mark Hammel that the decision was rigged. Mark Hammel beat Michael Bisping to pieces. I believe that I could win a fight with him when I have absolutely no training, except a few street fights. I would gladly step up and fight with Bisping any day, any hour, for any reason. To hell with Bisping, and fuck everyone from the UK that would say he's "won" all his fights fairly. He's a lump of shit on a mound of dirt... He is the English George W. Bush, a joke.. a really, really bad joke.


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