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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Serra vs Canada 2?

Matt Serra didn't get lucky. He threw his fist at GSP's head and connected. Is he the underdog this time around, most think so. I think short compact Serra has GSP's number, much like Rampage has Liddell's.


  1. He doesn't have GSP's number. Serra had the right game plan going into the fight throwing the proper punches against a taller opponent (overhand right). GSP went against his usual gameplan of taking the fight to the ground in the first round to tire out his opponent. This is a very good game plan as lighter weight classes lose the vast majority of their knockout power after the first round when they are already tired (exception being kicks and knees).
    My theory is GSP didn't have any respect for Serra's standup and wanted to make the fight exciting for the fans by keeping it on the feet and scoring a knockout, BACKFIRE!

  2. Nobody should call Serra an underdog in this fight. Just watch their first fight! Serra picked his punches and only needed to connect once to put GSP in trouble.

    It was classic Stegosaurus versus T-Rex but this time the Steggy won. He can do it again, despite the fact that, at least on paper, he probably shouldn't have been able to do it even once.

    The real true benefit to a Serra loss would be a Hughes-Serra fight in which case I pray that Serra knocks Queen Esther on his fucking ass!

  3. "Stegosaurus versus T-Rex", HAHA


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