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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

HDNET's Inside MMA - Rampage and Griffin

Rampage as usual is on his game for this interview. Rampage and Forrest talk about the upcoming season of TUF and how they match up to one another in the ring.


  1. Who does the UFC think it is kidding with Forrest against Rampage? Will Forrest fucking sob again after getting his ass handed to him? The Ultimate Fighter show MUST go!!! It served its purpose back in the day but now it simply elevates unqualified "fighters" and passes over true talent.

  2. Forrest vs Shogun anyone? Yeah, duh, Forrest won, we all knew that. Against Rampage? I predict Forrest, UFC fooled me.
    I would prefer Jardine vs Rampage, but hell Jardine's another TUF. (anonymous, you ignorant, and I disagree. Forrest is top of the food chain!)


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