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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fedor vs. Randy still possible in the UFC - five ounces of pain

Apy Echteld, one of Fedor’s agents, told ESPN The Magazine that Fedor could be a free agent as early as next week:

Apy Echteld, one of Emelianenko’s agents, confirmed what a source close to the situation previously told The Magazine: M-1 Global and Emelianenko will part ways some time in the next week, making the Russian a free agent. Divorce negotiations are ongoing right now, with a formal announcement likely for in the next few days. “Officially, yes, Fedor will be a free agent,” Echteld says.

And apparently Dana White is open to negotiation with Fedor and his people again should that be the case:

“Absolutely, 100 percent, in a heartbeat,” says White. “People think he’s the best—I don’t, not even close. But if it’s somehow possible, I would make it happen.”

“I like Randy, I genuinely like to think he’s a good guy,” White says. “As much as we’ve gone back and forth on this, I would sign Fedor and do everything possible to get Randy in the octagon with him. I’d do anything, because a., it’s a great fight and b., I think Randy would smash Fedor.”

I’ll believe all this when it comes to fruition, but don’t you think news like this regarding Fedor should be coming from Vadim Finklestein instead of Apy Echteld? Vadim is Fedor’s main agent and it just seems odd to me that this news isn’t coming from him. It’s nice to have hope, however, and for those of us pining for this fight, this is very good news.


  1. I just came in my pants.

  2. There is no way this fight will happen in the UFC without Nog getting fucked around. What are they going to do, allow Fedor to sneak in to the #1 contender spot ahead of the interim champ? Fuck that! Randy won't fight Nog because Nog would most likely end up with the 'W' and thus derail the Fedor fight.

    This has Mark Cuban's fucking stink all over it. Let him have both Fedor and Randy and let's all fucking move on. Nog is the real UFC HW champ. These other two guys can go have gay sex in a barn somewhere for all I care.

    I guess M-1 Global took off like a brick. What a fucking joke that was (is?). Goes to show that you can't build an MMA organization around the world's #1 over rated fighter and then loan him out to other organizations to fight freaks like Choi. Can't say I'll shed a tear if the whole organization goes tits up. Fuck those peckerheads.

  3. I love it!

    Although, Fedor isn't overated IMO.

  4. I know you are a Fedor fan, but on that we'll have to agree to disagree. Keep in mind, I was a huge fan of Couture no too long ago, too! The whole soap opera involving the two of them has made me bitter I guess.

    Fedor is beatable, just like everyone else. I'm not sure what is next for him, but I want to see him fight in a cage and fight a REAL top five HW. Normally I'd throw Sylvia into the equation, but Nog, after taking a serious beating (to say the least), tapped him out with an arm in guillotine. Is he really top five now? Not mentally. He was here in Calgary back in February and I missed the chance of getting to ask him why he gave up so easily. Not to be a prick or anything, but he never even tried to work his way out of that choke. Maybe the heart just isn't there? I don't know.

    Fuck, just put Fedor in with a top five guy! No more gimme fights! Then again the HW division globally is fucking WEAK compared to others. At this point it looks weaker than the UFC's MW division. Nog already holds wins over the top contenders aside from Arlovski (who has yet to ink an extension). He beat Werdum already and I don't see Nog/Herring 4 coming down the pipe, so who the fuck is the guy going to fight?!?! Alas, that is a rant for another day.

  5. Actually don't know how this happened. Fedor's site is silent. He could have earned so much money- 12 millions for six fight is great for MMA.
    But Fedor-COuture fight can be very interesting. I predict Fedor's victory via decision or submission. But Couture has chances for TKO via cut(and doctor's stoppage). Especially if under UFC rules(with elbows allowed)

  6. As much as i like Randy, i dont think he stands a chance against fedor so i hope the fight happens to prove dana wrong cause i hate dana

  7. Juji,
    Do you know that Nog has lost twice to Fedor?


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