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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ken Shamrock is BACK!

*** sounds of crickets err... cricketting ***

Yeah, I know, who cares right? Well I do so tough shit. Ken Shamrock is a legend and also the man whe helped Tito Ortiz get paid to boast about how great he is despite the injuries that were plaguing "The World's Most Dangerous Man" at the time The Ultimate Fighter 3 Finale yielded the highest viewer ratings ever on Spike TV.

So Shamrocked is 44 years old now and set to fight a limey named Robert “Buzz” Berry (11-7) in a heavyweight bout at Cage Rage 25 “Bring it On” this Saturday at Wembley Arena in London.

Here's a quote from our former famous juiced up WWF wrestler about his opponent

“The guy likes to punch, and he does like to occasionally go to the ground, but I think he’s one of those kind of guys [where] you offer him a fight and he takes it,” Shamrock says. “I wanted [my first fight under the EliteXC banner] to be a challenge for me. So that’s the name they came up with. I watched the tapes and said, ‘All right, sounds good.’”

Shammy says he’s signed a two-fight deal with EliteXC, with an option for a third and that could very well be against Kimbo Slice in the future so this Cage Rage bout looks like a tune-up fight to get him back in shape and back into MMA form.

Hey Kenny, watch this recent video of Kimbo Slice picking apart Tank Abbott before you decide to get dropped on your back and wasted again.

For more, check out The Fight Network.

1 comment:

  1. Shammy got KO'd. Anyone surprised?

    I'll give him props for his early days in the UFC, but he has become the most insignificant fighter in the world of MMA today. Fucking guy is going to die in the cage.

    I do wonder if the loss will derail the Kimbo vs. Shammy fight that is rumored. I fucking hope so. I can't stand Slice and would love to see his face hit the canvas, but he would put Ken in the ICU ward.

    Only match up that makes less sense than Kimo vs. Shammy is Coleman vs. Lesnar. They should make both fights on the same weekend in the same city so Ken and Mark can share a room at the hospital.

    Ahhh fuck it. I guess I am just getting sick of all of these geezers being inspired by Couture's comeback and trying their own versions.


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