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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Moron Tito or More On Tito...

However you choose to take it, MMA Fever's favorite Hall of fame Tool is embarking on another television adventure. This time "Jacob" is hosting a new show called, "Settle The Score: UFC Style!"

Here's the premise of the soon to be ill fated and ill conceived show:

Settle The Score: UFC Style! A New TV show starring Tito Ortiz is looking for people interested in settling a problem inside The Octagon.

Do you have a beef with someone and tried everything to solve it but can't? Did your best friend steal your girl? Did your old roommate shaft you on your rent? Did you have a falling out with your best friend and have no way to solve it? We're also looking for competitive friends or friends with a problem they need to solve and the only way to do it is to fight it out!

UFC Champion Tito Ortiz is going to train you to battle out your problems in The Octagon!! We are looking for ALL SHAPES AND SIZES to walk into the ring and settle it once and for all.

$1000 to each person booked for the show

How much do you want to bet me that Tito and company gets sued harder than Randy Couture ever will becasue of Tito's use of the UFC name as well as the trademarked and copyrighted "Octagon"?

This is why Tito is a Tool, folks... check him slagging Dana White, you know, the guy who used to be Tito's Manager and also the guy responsible for putting Tito on the map... in the UFC!

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