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Monday, April 27, 2009

Tool of the Day - Wanderlei Silva

It's been a while since MMA Fever has donned its shamed "Tool of the Day" on a mixed martial arts fighter since Tito Ortiz decided to quit fighting and live out his days inside of Jenna Jameson's mammoth vagina.

Well, it's time to bestow the infamous honor of the Tool of the Day to a serious cuntnugget, Wanderlei Silva.

You all remember when I said Wanderlei is done in the UFC, right? Well, he still is and now he's proven to be a massive Tool by taking shots at Anderson Silva's performance at UFC 97 againt Thales "LayDown" Leites.

Hmmm.... is it a coincidence that Wanderlei is toying with dropping to 185 from 205 or is he simply the most OVER-HYPED fighter the Yakuza has proudly stabled in Japan up to 2007.

Anderson Silva would crush Wanderlei's soft noggin in the first round.

Wanderlei, you are MMA Fever's TOOL of the DAY!


  1. Just like anderson crushed thales and patrick? get lost clarky.

  2. Wand wouldn't have given us that shitty fight that anderson gave us....

    He's a more exciting fighter, not a TOOL.

  3. you are the tool of day

  4. Way to be a huge tool Greg Clark
    Lol the word verification on this is doush, how fitting

  5. Wanderlei would actually engage. He just wants to put on excited fights. Why is he a tool?

  6. No one agrees with you. Get lost Clark.

  7. WTF? The writer is the TOOL of the DAY.

  8. Clark you fail. Wand is a legend and everything he said in the video is true.

  9. Whats wrong with you? Did your mom not hug you enough.

  10. The difference between Tito Ortiz and Wanderlei Silva is about an ocean wide. Wanderlei fights to put on a show. I mean, when was the last time he put on a boring fight? Win or lose the guy is a warrior. He fought with a fever against Dan Henderson and he fought to the bitter end against cro cop when the doctor asked him to stop the fight as Wandy's right eye was closing up.

    The fact of the matter is, you are a joke, and if anybody has a right to talk about "putting on a show" it's Wanderlei Silva. Anderson was the first to talk shit about Wanderlei recently, saying that his move to 185 was "pretentious" according to

  11. Flexing your idiot muscle again Greg?

    What seems to continually surprise me, is how people who know nothing about MMA get to report on it.
    The most informed followers of the sport are often the ones left to call out shady reporters on their blogs and forum posts.

  12. go kill yourself you faggot couch potato

  13. greg clark you are the uncrown champion douche bag! how do you became a fuking writer is beyond my wildness imagination! WTF is mmafever doing having you on their payroll? are they just a tarded as you?

  14. oh crap i see alot of grammer errors on my post..but fuk it, this aint english class!

  15. Wand understands that the people booing Anderson are the same ones who pay his (and Andersons) salary, and respects them accordingly. It all goes back to the question "Is MMA sport or entertainment?" - Of course there is a bit of both in all (spectator-)sports, but you have to remember that you need to be entertaining if you expect to be payed for your efforts (as both he and 'the spider' are). Fighter A wants to only makes sure he does not lose bouts, perfecting a technique that is based on non-confrontation, defense and damage-minimization? That's fine, more power to him, but he better hone his craft by himself in his dojo, cuz nobody wants to pay 49,95 to see him do it.

    Whether he wins or loses, I have never regretted spending time/money to watch an Axe Murderer fight. I'll be rooting for him for as long as he stays around, and whether or not "Anderson would crush his soft noggin in the first round" makes not the least bit of difference.

    Wand tool of the day? You, sir, are an idiot.

  16. Wanderlei KO'd Anderson in sparring.

  17. Well, there's two constants in MMA.

    Truth hurts.
    Love hurts.

    The Wandy bromance continues...

    Good of all of you to stand by your man, really!

  18. "Anderson Silva's performance at UFC 97 againt Thales "LayDown" Leites."

    Exactly how was his performance? I haven't seen that fight yet. Thanks for great writing that clarifies the situation, Greg Clark.

    I happen to think Wanderlei is a great fighter. One of the best of all time, much like Anderson. I would love to see "Wandy" hand Anderson a beat down. Or at least give him a challenging fight against someone who knows the strike game.

  19. "Exactly how was his performance? I haven't seen that fight yet. Thanks for great writing that clarifies the situation, Greg Clark."

    Ahhh... the article was positioned to comment on Wanderlei Silva's comments on Anderson Silva's performance... not an indepth summary from me of the 5 round sleeper.

    I see Wanderlei has the "Power Tool" influence over his brainwashed cronies.

    I'm not surprised.

  20. Did you get a concussion recently ? You are the blogger 'tool' of the year 2009 doofus!


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