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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kalib Starnes Comeback?

I was at UFC 83 and witnessed Kalib Starnes back peddling against Nate Quarry. In retrospect, Kalib Starnes was more active in his bout than Anderson Silva and Thales Leites and also, David "The Turtle" (formerly Crow) Loiseau were at UFC 97.

That was the fight (or lackthereof) which saw Kalib Starnes' UFC contract eliminated and so he was sent packing, similar to what happened to Vinny Magalhaes after his decision loss at UFC 97 to fellow TUF contestent, Elliot Marshall.

The good news is that the UFC is still interested in Starnes and hopes that he is able to rebound by picking up a few wins outside of the UFC before getting the nod from Joe Silva to fight on a future UFC card.

I enjoy Kalib's moxy and hope to see him back on top again because the UFC really needs a lot of help in the Middleweight division right now.

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