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Sunday, July 12, 2009

He will bully you, and fuck your girl

The original school bully is back! I'm going to start wetting the bed like I never have before...tonight.
This big fucker will hold you on the ground and make you cry uncle.
He rules the playground and will make recess hell. You will not look forward to recess. You will dread recess by the hand of his ungodly reverse atomic w edgy.
He has a mansion in the woods where he pleasures himself to your humiliation. This demonic abomination gets paid to do it and he must be stopped.


  1. More like fuck you and beat your girl.

  2. HAHA, take your pick.

  3. What the hell are you talking about?!! WTF?!

  4. really?

    Brock cops a lot of crap but I like the guy

    Sure he was riled up after UFC 100 but with all that adrenaline running through you and coming from a previous 'Sports entertainment career" of course I would expect somewthing like that

    Was Dana and the UFC offended?

    I think secretly they loved it - it creates controversy and becomes a water cooler talking point the sort of action that puts asses on seats (for his next fight) and create an internet buzz on all the blogs

    Good luck to him and hats off to the guy who beats him first!


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