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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fedor might UFC

I heard from my friend the I-nterent.
Fedor might want to make his name known in the USA too.
If I were Fedor, I wouldn't sign a UFC contract. According to all of his previous interviews he cares nothing about fame, money, legacy, dominance...anything I or Ghandi would agree with. Fedor only wants to be remembered as a good person.
In a recent interview Fedor demanded he's "Definitely not the Antichrist to every MMA company".


  1. From what I hear he will be siging today (7-29-09)

  2. its good he doesnt care about fame or any of that as he says, but he is obviously fighting for a reason..if his manager truly believed he is p4p the best hed sign in the ufc because thats where the competition is and i think he knows he can loose there.


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