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Friday, May 29, 2009

Enjoy your time Machida

Was Rashad Evans just exposed? If Machida Karate is your life, you might stand a chance the first time?
Trust me, Rashad's off the chart IQ will analyze and dismantle his perplexed performance. Not even Joe Rogan's Machida chanting spooge has the power to alter Rashad's revenge.
I feel sorry for Rashad's next opponent.


  1. Don't feel sorry for Suga's next opponent. It will be 'Page. The next TUF will have 'Page vs. Suga. Then they will fight in UFC 103. It should be epic.

  2. Nice! I hope Rampage is better on the show this time and doesn't go crazy again.

  3. He hardly showed any offense in his fight against Machida

    what was up with that?


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