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Monday, May 25, 2009

Brutal KO

It's an ankle, knee, gravity, pressed up against the cage with a ghoulish corpsy face montage.
It always amazes me when these fighters go from lights out to a coherent/classy interview in a matter of minutes.
Machida completely dominated Rashad. I liked Rashad's game plan going into the fight, stay on the outside and make Machida come to him. It turns out Machida's range is ridiculous. He's comfortable with a 10 foot gap, and can strike like a cobra in milliseconds. I think a Machida standing in the middle of the Octagon has the first few rows of seating within immediate striking range.

Give it another year and Rashad will be back with a modified game plan to try and take the title back from Machida. However, Machida looks just as unstoppable as Anderson Silva. How can you be so dominant Mr. Machida?

“MACHIDA KARATE”, yells Machida.

...These fight photos are occasionally registering in my brain as UFC 09 game screen shots. I have to do a double take. A little creepy.


  1. I just wanna say that I know that was tough for you to do and I'm impressed that you posted your thoughts on your boy's devestating KO so quickly. Lots of respect for you and Rashad's chin. We'll see what the future brings for him.

  2. That was a tough one to watch for me. My two favorite fighters going at it. I always have to praise Rashad though. The man is always under estimated and discredited by the masses during his accomplishments.
    He wins the game.

  3. rashad just got exposed and will lose to rampage too... Get off his nuts bro


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