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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Why admire Rashad?

In one sentence: A high IQ, high skilled fighter, that analyzes each situation with no preconceptions and doesn't offer canned responses in an interview. A rarity, to say the least. This interview is awesome! It takes me into the mind of a KO'd fighter after a loss. He walks you through the experience like a mother teaching a newborn. Obviously, Rashad has never been close to being KO'd before Machida.
I can feel his pain about being kept awake by a fight. One night a guy cheesed me on UFC 09 by applying and releasing submission moves from the half guard, 10 times in a row till my stamina was drained. Once my stamina was down, he committed to the finishing submission. That night I only got 5 hours sleep. The last three I was wondering how the fuck he did that. I should have just got up, fired up the game, figured out the cheat and gone back to sleep. He's on my "Avoid" list now, oh well.


  1. damn dude, could your tounge be any farther up Shard's ASS???

  2. HAHA, nice visual.

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