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Sunday, December 28, 2008

UFC 92

Awesome Event.
Rashad Evans wins again.
Pride Nut huggers mourn...

Mir beat Nog?
Nog didn't have an answer for Mir's right uppercut, over and over and over again. Mir studies fight tapes in his spare time. He must have seen something in Nog's stand up. Close to 50% of Nog's career being knocked down were caused by Mir's boxing style. I'm looking forward to both Nog's next matchup as well as Mir vs Lesnar 2.

Jackson beat Wandy?
Both were hesitant in the beginning of the match. Once they both started bar brawling, one connected. Jackson delivered a solid, closed eyed shot. Flip a coin on the bar brawls. Don't fret Wandy nut huggers. Will Rampage go on a God Rampage after a Win? Pray for the children.

Evans beat Forrest?
The undefeated Evans showed up in his usual form. I believe he holds the record for an undefeated fighter being doubted in an indefinate number of times in a row. Evans added another highlight real knockout tonight. Who is his next victim? How many times will he have to defend the belt before he is no longer popularly considered the underdog?

I watched the whole PPV and didn't see one boring fight! That is the sign of an Epic Televised Card. What a Night!!!

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