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Friday, June 13, 2008

Rashad > All

The interwebs say that Chuck is Rashads next victim at UFC 88.

Respect Chuck. Respect...


  1. Rashad is going down....chuck has better hands and is hard 2 take down....rashad is gonna get bombed on and lose!!!
    cant wait to see rashad get fucked up!!!

  2. I will always love Rashad for delivering that fake-ass poster boy Bisping his first OFFICIAL loss. Thank you Rashad and please don't lose heart when Chuck sends you to the ER.

  3. are you kidding ?! chuck will waste that hand fed opponent cheyump (chump)

  4. Chuck's the man. No doubt in my mind. I can't wait to see this fight. I can't believe people think Rashad has a chance. Did anyone see the Chuck v Tito fights? Wow, domination. Rashad couuldn't even beat Tito, which says a lot considering how shitty he's gotten.....this is gonna be good.

  5. Rashad barely got past Tito and Bisping. Chuck will make quick work. Rashad is a pretender.


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